24 hour race Nuerburgring in 4D

3D large format film
Documentation of the most legendary motor race
for the theme park “ring°werk” at the Nürburgring.
Over 50 crew members, equipped with seven stereoscopic cameras were roaming on and flying over the North Loop. A Steadicam rig was capturing the hectic buzz in the pit lane; a helicopter was filming the race track from above; a specialized 3D high-speed camera was taking 1000 images per second; and on top of it, two onboard 3D camera systems in a geared up race car made up for a very spectacular shoot of the race, never seen that way before.
This race will go down as one of the most turbulent 24h races ever. The unpredictable weather conditions of the Eifel led to two hour starting delay and fog interrupted the race for several hours at night. All of this turned the shoot into a extremely nerve-racking trail, but rewaded with absolutely fantastic pictures of a great race event

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