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Stereo 3D

To be right at the centre of the action and experience the story up close – 3D film makes all this possible.The additional spatial information provided by 3D film increases the emotional impact of the images and narrative.
We at KUK Filmproduktion GmbH have been making 3D productions for more than 17 years. We develop the complete recording and post-production workflow for all areas of stereoscopic film recording, thus making us one of the most prestigious 3D pioneers around.
For the world’s first live 3D concert by the FANTASTISCHEN VIER, one of Germany’s most celebrated hip-hop bands, which was broadcast simultaneously in 91 cinemas in five different countries, we were responsible for the 3D production and 3D direction and in doing so realised the first full-length 3D cinema production ever in Germany.
We have the right equipment and production experience for any stereoscopic recording situation, including 3D high-speed, 3D macro, 3D time-lapse, 3D helicopter shots, 3D on-board shots and 3D Steadicam.

PsHOLIX 360° 3D production

Realisation of a 360° 3D and stereo 3D presentation film for PsHOLIX AG from Basel. The fascinating 360° 3D shots of climbing in the high Alps and a kite flying over [...]

Eurovision Young Dancers

4K 3D High Frame Rate As a combined project of the European Broadcasting Union EBU and the Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, the KUK Filmproduktion produced a 3D 4K High Frame Rate documentary of [...]

INTEL Tri Gate

3D trailer for the next generation INTEL Ultrabooks. In 2012 Intel presented the next generation of Ultrabooks, based on the new Intel Core Processors. These are manufactured with the 22nm [...]

SIEMENS TIA Launch Event

Automation technology by Siemens contributes decisively to an on- going optimisation of all processes companywide. Core of their range is “Totally Integrated Automation“, the one-of-a-kind product spectrum for the automation [...]

SONY – Product Videos

Prior to the IFA, KUK filmproduction produced eight video clips of all the new products, SONY revealed on this years IFA in Berlin. The videos were ready to be aired on [...]

Dimensions of Research

3D corporate film for the Fraunhofer organisation. Delivered with the support of the PRIME research project. The 3D corporate film produced for the Frauenhofer Society, in cooperation with the research project [...]

Berlin Philharmonic in 3D

3D documentation of a dress rehearsal of "Petruschka" by Igor Strawinski, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle. This was for the first time that the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra has been recorded in [...]

Sony – 3D SHOW

3D production and direction of the press conference and the 3D live show programme of the SONY IFA Pavilion 2010. At the International Radio & Television Exhibit IFA 2010 in Berlin, [...]

World Cup Training Camp in 3D

3D documentation of the German national teams training for the World Cup 2010. KUK Filmproduktion GmbH documented the German national team in South Tyrol exclusively with 3D technology by Sony Professional. [...]

Die Fantastischen Vier – 3D Live

3D production and 3D direction of the first 3D liveconcert transmitted in 91 cinemas across 5 countries. On September, 28th 2010, the Hip-Hop band DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER performed a rousing club [...]

3D Peregrine / BBC Natural History

The story of peregrine falcons in the city of London. First BBC Natural History 3D pilot film. At the heart of this 3D production is the story about a peregrine falcon [...]

Summer Feelings

HighSpeed 3D shooting - 1,000 images/second within the framework of the PRIME research project. The short film "Summer feelings", which was realized within the scope of the research project PRIME, demonstrates [...]

Themepark ring°werk

KUK Film produced all media for the new indoor themepark at Nürburgring including these main attractions: Nürbus Eifel Tour - The fastest promotional trip in the world Motion ride with [...]

24 hour race Nuerburgring in 4D

3D large format film Documentation of the most legendary motor race for the theme park “ring°werk” at the Nürburgring. Over 50 crew members, equipped with seven stereoscopic cameras were roaming [...]

Deutsche Telekom – 3D projects

Highspeed Knowledge 3D corporate film for the German Telekom visualising the topics of three-dimensional e-learning Operation Highspeed 3D corporate film for the German Telekom Health Care aided by 3D media [...]

A Practical Test of Bosch Innovations

3D Corporate film for Robert Bosch GmbH For journalist Eric Tyler it began like any other routine appointment at the Boxberg test site – and ended in a road movie through [...]

BUGA 2005 – National Garden Festival Germany

Concept and production for the content and technical planning of media installations as well as designing the interiors of the three “Pavilions of Perspective”. For the content and technical planning of [...]

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