A Practical Test of Bosch Innovations

3D Corporate film for Robert Bosch GmbH

For journalist Eric Tyler it began like any other routine appointment at the Boxberg test site – and ended in a road movie through half of Europe. In this trip, Eric experienced the BOSCH innovations in practice, under the guidance of BOSCH expert Dr. Stein.
With the promise of an exceptionally good espresso, she led him through challenging driving situations in the Swiss Alps, across Tuscany and into the bustle of the Italian capital. In a bar in Rome, the coffee experience was finally waiting, and the spontaneous trip turned out to be a skilfully engineered test drive to convince Eric of the BOSCH developments.
The creative elements of the 3D film make the trip to Rome an impressive experience: Never before have the functions of the brake assist, adaptive cruise control, drive dynamic seats, night vision and many other assistance systems been experienced so up-close and personal as in this 3D film.


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