Die Fantastischen Vier – 3D Live

3D production and 3D direction of the first 3D liveconcert transmitted in 91 cinemas across 5 countries.
On September, 28th 2010, the Hip-Hop band DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER performed a rousing club concert not only for those 1200 guests present at the Steintor Varieté in Halle an der Saale, but also for over 30,000 additional fans in 91 cinemas all-over Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Luxemburg who were able to simultaneously indulge in the first 3D LIVE broadcast of a concert by Smudo, Thomas D, And. Ypsilon and Michi Beck. It took more than 150 crew members in this production, to write film history. After all, this was the first German 3D feature-length production to be shown on the big screen.
The greatest challenge during the evening’s event was dealing with the total complexity of 3D technology, being able to react flexibly to the live performance on the stage and to simultaneously coordinate precise 3D pictures in real time. In a normal cinema production this all takes place during week long post-production, but within a 3D live broadcast this has to take place on the fly. KUK Film was responsible for the entire 3D production and 3D direction.
Dimmmys award winner best 3D live acquisition at Dimension 3 festival 2011 in Paris.


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