Dimensions of Research

3D corporate film for the Fraunhofer organisation.

Delivered with the support of the PRIME research project. The 3D corporate film produced for the Frauenhofer Society, in cooperation with the research project PRIME (funded by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology) explicitly displays how Fraunhofer scientists explore new RESEARCH DIMENSIONS with innovative means. When it comes to assess the chaos of the circulating debris in space or analyzing the fracture tests of rotor blades from wind power stations with high-speed recordings, the spatial registration of these processes always plays an important role. This new 3D corporate film shows, which technologies are being implemented to establish new potential and perspectives in any dimension, from the smallest cells to the vastness of the universe.

Dimmys’s award winner best 3D corporate film at dimension 3 festival 2011 in Paris

PsHOLIX 360° 3D production

Realisation of a 360° 3D and stereo 3D presentation film for PsHOLIX AG from Basel. The fascinating 360° 3D shots of climbing in the high Alps and a kite flying over [...]

Eurovision Young Dancers

4K 3D High Frame Rate As a combined project of the European Broadcasting Union EBU and the Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, the KUK Filmproduktion produced a 3D 4K High Frame Rate documentary of [...]

INTEL Tri Gate

3D trailer for the next generation INTEL Ultrabooks. In 2012 Intel presented the next generation of Ultrabooks, based on the new Intel Core Processors. These are manufactured with the 22nm [...]

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