KUK Filmproduktion realized a documentary about the contribution of Fraunhofer EMI to the NEOShield project. With a special light gas
gun – which is one of the fastest accelerator facilities in the world – the NEOShield project team carries out laboratory-scale impact tests on materials similar to those found in asteroids. They want to analyse with as much precision as possible how the material reacts to the impact of a projectile.

NEOShield brings together an international team to address the global issue of hazardous NEO (near earth object) impact prevention. The feasibility of space missions to test our ability to prevent a potentially catastrophic impact will be studied and detailed designs of appropriate missions provided.

The Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics Ernst-Mach Institute in Freiburg is carrying out the basic research as part of the NEOShield European research project.

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