Sony – 3D SHOW

3D production and direction of the press conference and the 3D live show programme of the SONY IFA Pavilion 2010.

At the International Radio & Television Exhibit IFA 2010 in Berlin, Sony presented the most elaborate 3D presentation of the whole trade fair. The comprehensive entertainment programme presented at the Sony booth with live music acts and special 3D presentations was captured with 3D Sony cameras.
The signals were sent to a specially built 3D video control room at the Sony stand with a 3D ready multiformat vision mixer MVS-8000X as the centerpiece. From here a seven meter wide 3D LED wall broadcasted both the 3D live program
and pre-produced 3D clips.
At the Sony booth the IFA visitors could also witness 3D live productions in the making by observing the 3D crew close at work. Under the direction of the 3D director Josef Kluger, the KUK Team was in charge of the 3D live production which included the operation of 3D cameras, 3D live calibration and picture editing. Even the press conference, in which Lang Lang made a stunning performance, was produced entirely in 3D. Prior to the event, KUK Film had produced 3D clips of the new SONY products for this purpose.

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