Themepark ring°werk

KUK Film produced all media for the new indoor themepark at Nürburgring including these main attractions:

Nürbus Eifel Tour – The fastest promotional trip in the world

Motion ride with 4-sided, 360° projection.
This trip in a panorama bus from the 1950s takes the visitor on a virtual, guided panorama tour through the idyllic Eifel. Needless to say, things take a different course from originally planned. The promotional trip becomes a racing trip over the holy asphalt of the Nordschleife during the 1,000 km race. This is made possible by a cave projection – the first ever realized in Germany – which puts the observer at the heart of a veritable deluge of images. A sensational illusion and a great experience for all age groups. Hold tight!

Ring Academy

Media production and programming of an interactive quiz game for the theme park “ring°werk” at the Nürburgring

Multi-Media-Theater „Grüne Hölle“ (Green Hell)

A visit to this multimedia theatre brings alive the history of the Nordschleife so that one can experience it with all your senses. It all started with the construction of the unique Nordschleife through the thick forests of the Hocheifel more than 80 years ago. The birth of legends, fighters and winners, the great races of the 1950s and 1960s, Niki Laudaʼs accident – milestones of history. Goose pimples guaranteed, no matter what age you are.


Interactive racing game.
The drives takes his seat in the big racing truck and steers it round the demanding course, as if during the Grand Prix. The latest in simulation technology makes this unique racing pleasure possible.


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