Video documentation AISIS

New sensor technologies support rescue workers saving lives.

In a large-scale test, an emergency situation is being rehearsed: an explosion at a former factory building. In this team exercise under real- world conditions, researchers and rescue workers are validating the key objective of the AISIS research project: an automatic structural situational awareness system for critical infrastructure.
Approximately 150 security staff of Technisches Hilfswerk THW, the fire department and the German Red Cross were involved. KUK Film produced a video documentation about this large-scale test for Fraunhofer public relation purposes.

SIEMENS TIA Launch Event

Automation technology by Siemens contributes decisively to an on- going optimisation of all processes companywide. Core of their range is “Totally Integrated Automation“, the one-of-a-kind product spectrum for the automation [...]

SONY – Product Videos

Prior to the IFA, KUK filmproduction produced eight video clips of all the new products, SONY revealed on this years IFA in Berlin. The videos were ready to be aired on [...]

Dimensions of Research

3D corporate film for the Fraunhofer organisation. Delivered with the support of the PRIME research project. The 3D corporate film produced for the Frauenhofer Society, in cooperation with the research project [...]