BUGA 2005 – National Garden Festival Germany

Concept and production for the content and technical planning of media installations as well as designing the interiors of the three “Pavilions of Perspective”.

For the content and technical planning of media installations, and for the interior architecture of the pavilions, KUK developed an overall plan that implements the topic of the “Bundesgartenschau 2005” national garden show, change in perspective, in three different, new and intriguing ways.
Change in perspective – dimension In the first pavilion, the visitor enters a dark room. As though weightless, three self-illuminating backlights hover on the walls, submerging the room in a magic, flamboyant light. In oversized close-ups, they display plant motives. Due to the enormously high resolution of the large-format photography, the observer can see every detail crystal clear. They experience the feeling of being shrunk to the size of an insect and moving around in a cathedral of flowers. Change in perspective – time Very fast and very slow processes can no longer be seen with the human eye. Four holosion installations expand the human perception of time: a flower opening in seconds, the flapping of a bee, slowed down hundredfold, the elegant take-off of a grasshopper. With extreme slow-motion and time-lapse recordings, fascinating new aspects of movement and growth can be seen. Change in perspective – space Inside or outside? The third pavilion has no walls. Under the tent-like roof there is a large magical cube in the open air. Visitors who look through one of its numerous peep holes find themselves submerged in a room that fills their whole field of vision: face-to-face with an ant. The complex blossoming of a cornflower. Inside a flower. Three-dimensional pictures and films turn the observer into a voyeur in a world they have never before seen in such detail or perplexity.

Destination Moon

This 7-minute, high definition film visualises intense emotional moments from the Apollo mission. What is it like to stand on the moon? What does the earth look like from up there? [...]

EU Timeshuttle

KUK Filmproduktion GmbH produced the 4-minute EU Timeshuttle motion ride film for the European Union Pavilion in Hannover at EXPO 2000. When you visit the pavilion of the European Union at [...]

720° Deutschland Mittendrin

Together with Milla & Partner, Stuttgart, KUK Filmproduktion GmbH designed the main show "Brücken in die Zukunft" ("Bridges to the future") in the German Pavilion in Hannover at EXPO 2000. [...]

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