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Motion Ride

Motion ride films are produced for movable screening platforms, which mean you can physically feel every impression of motion in the film.
For this, the movie screen is either mounted on the motion platform or is stationary in an area in front of the moving platform.
We have many years of experience in producing films for motion rides; whether it be in real life shootings or in computer-animated motion simulations,
or the combination of the two.

Themepark ring°werk

KUK Film produced all media for the new indoor themepark at Nürburgring including these main attractions: Nürbus Eifel Tour - The fastest promotional trip in the world Motion ride with [...]

EU Timeshuttle

KUK Filmproduktion GmbH produced the 4-minute EU Timeshuttle motion ride film for the European Union Pavilion in Hannover at EXPO 2000. When you visit the pavilion of the European Union at [...]

Expo Jet

German Pavilion main show at EXPO 98 in Lisbon. This motion ride film shows the imaginary timetravel from EXPO 1998 Lisbon to Hannover to EXPO 2000. The German Pavilion at EXPO [...]

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