Deutsche Bahn – Fehmarnbelt crossing

Construction of a fixed crossing of the Fehmarnbelt for rail- and road, as well as the required transport connections in Germany and Denmark, is one oft he largest infrastructure projects in Europe.

Deutsche Bahn is aware of the fact that such a construction project represents a significant intrusion in the living environment of many people and attaches great importance to careful planning and the inclusion of all stakeholders concerned.

To that end, audio- and video simulations of the current situation and of future noise protection measures have been created, using the example of Bad Schwartau. In collaboration with Fraunhofer Heinrich Herz Institute, 360 degree panoramic footage and accurate 3D audio recordings have been created alongside an informational video.

We have created an interactive media station, permitting the viewer to interactively experience noise protection measures in Bad Schwartau, for use in Deutsche Bahn’s infomobile.

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