3D Peregrine / BBC Natural History

The story of peregrine falcons in the city of London.
First BBC Natural History 3D pilot film.
At the heart of this 3D production is the story about a peregrine falcon living in the city of London. To be able to survive with her chicks, the female falcon must kill at least one pigeon a day. At a speed in excess of 300 km/hour the peregrine falcon throws herself at her prey in an impressive nosedive.
KUK Film Production captured these 3D images and completed the stereoscopic post- production work in cooperation with the Natural History specialists from BBC in Bristol. The film was sponsored by the research project 3D4YOU, funded by the 7th EU framework programme, in which BBC Research and KUK Film Production both cooperate.
To be able to realize the challenging 3D recordings of the flying falcon for appropriate stereoscopic use, two trained falcons were filmed in flight from a car in transit on a abandoned airfield. Finally the 3D composting artists incorporated various back plates of urban London which they then composed together to achieve a convincing overall picture.

It was precisely these achievements that were recognized with a special prize for the best VISUAL EFFECTS at the Dimension 3 Festival which is the most important European conference for stereoscopy.

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