In the form of the Africa Business Guide, Germany Trade & Invest has developed a new platform to promote the economic activities of German SMEs in Africa.

The Africa Business Guide is part of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection’s activities in Africa, and is a platform of the Africa Business Network.

In ten short films, […]

AFRICA BUSINESS GUIDE2023-05-15T16:04:47+02:00

How Germany is Remaking its Maritime Economy

Ports and waterways are a major part of Germany, the logistic hub at the heart of Europe.
But the sector is also going through unprecedented transformation.
Germany’s transition to clean energy and digitalization demands emissions-free sea transport, carbon-neutral ports and a generally sustainable maritime economy. […]

How Germany is Remaking its Maritime Economy2023-04-06T13:49:17+02:00

The Hydrogen Republic of Germany

Germany is investing billions to become to the world leader in hydrogen energy production.

The video shows that the “Hydrogen Republic of Germany” will encompass people, companies and institutions big and small from all parts of the county.
In every corner of the country, people, institutions, start-ups and industry
heavyweights are working to make […]

The Hydrogen Republic of Germany2023-04-06T13:56:04+02:00

Coal Exit: Germany’s Next Generation Energy Hubs

Germany has started its phase out of coal-generated power, but from renewables to green hydrogen, the country’s four major coalproducing regions are going to be at the center of Germany’s energy future.

Our new video for Germany Trade and Invest explores the innovations and transformations reshaping these […]

Coal Exit: Germany’s Next Generation Energy Hubs2023-04-06T13:55:41+02:00


“Markets” is a monthly news show produced by KUK Film on behalf of Germany Trade & Invest.

Each segment covers both Germany’s business environment and the latest activities and innovations of German companies.

Philipp Bächstädt presents the show in a virtual studio environment or on several outdoor locations related to the […]


Medical Technology Industry in Germany

Germany is the world’s third largest manufacturing nation with a share of 9,9 percent of worldwide medical technology production.

Close collaboration between science and industry has helped establish Germany’s medical technology sector as an international landmark of quality, performance and safety standards. […]

Medical Technology Industry in Germany2023-04-06T13:54:48+02:00

Digital Health

Digital Health solutions are opening up new perspective for health and medicine.

German companies are strong players in the development of innovative digital applications, covering the complete industry value chain.

We produced a video for the HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY, the export initiative for the German healthcares industry.


Digital Health2023-04-06T13:54:24+02:00

30 Years After The Wall

In the 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the economies of western and eastern Germany have come ever closer together.

So how are the eastern economy and research institutions doing?

Have the “new” federal states in the east been able to establish themselves as attractive investment locations?

To mark […]

30 Years After The Wall2023-04-06T13:54:01+02:00


Janssen is one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical companies.

The JANSSEN WINDOW virtual 360° tour allows you to see how drugs are developed, and subsequently produced and distributed.

You get to experience Janssen’s research laboratories, production facilities and logistics centres in Belgium and France, up close and personal.

Using state-of-the-art VR technology […]

JANSSEN WINDOW2023-04-06T13:53:31+02:00


Mobility is the megatrend in our globalised society. The volume of traffic, especially in towns and cities, is growing at an exponential rate. This poses new challenges but also new opportunities. German automotive manufacturers are poised to meet these opportunities not only in terms of new products but also in […]

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