3D Peregrine / BBC Natural History

The story of peregrine falcons in the city of London.
First BBC Natural History 3D pilot film.
At the heart of this 3D production is the story about a peregrine falcon living in the city of London. To be able to survive with […]
3D Peregrine / BBC Natural History2018-01-16T16:23:02+01:00

Summer Feelings

HighSpeed 3D shooting – 1,000 images/second within the framework of the PRIME research project.
The short film “Summer feelings”, which was realized within the scope of the research project PRIME, demonstrates how the extreme expansion of time can also offer insight into new spheres.
The high-speed camera was developed by Fraunhofer […]

Summer Feelings2017-09-18T12:16:38+02:00

Themepark ring°werk

KUK Film produced all media for the new indoor themepark at Nürburgring including these main attractions:

Nürbus Eifel Tour – The fastest promotional trip in the world

Motion ride with 4-sided, 360° projection.
This trip in a panorama bus from the 1950s takes the visitor on a virtual, guided panorama tour through the idyllic […]

Themepark ring°werk2017-09-20T16:11:38+02:00

24 hour race Nuerburgring in 4D

3D large format film
Documentation of the most legendary motor race
for the theme park “ring°werk” at the Nürburgring.
Over 50 crew members, equipped with seven stereoscopic cameras were roaming on and flying over the North Loop. A Steadicam rig was capturing […]

24 hour race Nuerburgring in 4D2017-07-25T17:27:15+02:00

Deutsche Telekom – 3D projects

Highspeed Knowledge
3D corporate film for the German Telekom visualising the topics of three-dimensional e-learning

Operation Highspeed
3D corporate film for the German Telekom Health Care aided by 3D media technology

The Third Dimension
3D corporate film for theGerman Telekom
Visions of three-dimensional broadband communication


Deutsche Telekom – 3D projects2017-09-14T15:46:31+02:00

A Practical Test of Bosch Innovations

3D Corporate film for Robert Bosch GmbH

For journalist Eric Tyler it began like any other routine appointment at the Boxberg test site – and ended in a road movie through half of Europe. In this trip, Eric experienced the BOSCH innovations in practice, under the guidance of BOSCH expert Dr. Stein.
With […]

A Practical Test of Bosch Innovations2017-09-18T12:25:07+02:00

BUGA 2005 – National Garden Festival Germany

Concept and production for the content and technical planning of media installations as well as designing the interiors of the three “Pavilions of Perspective”.

For the content and technical planning of media installations, and for the interior architecture of the pavilions, KUK developed an overall plan that implements the topic of the […]

BUGA 2005 – National Garden Festival Germany2017-09-18T12:26:38+02:00
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